Get Into Flow With Delicious, Focus BOOSTING Coffee

Top Game is a jitterless coffee that gives you calm & focused clarity to achieve your goals.

This Guatemalan roast is mixed with l-theanine, an amino acid that promotes alert relaxation & combats the stressful feeling of coffee. Confidently tackle your day with a clear mind!


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Your Average Coffee Gives You Jittery Crashes

We all know the feeling: you finish your first cup, you’re riding high & feeling good.
A few more sips & your heart’s racing. You feel uneasy, stressed, distracted & less productive. Your regular coffee has quietly betrayed you: a caffeine crash is on the horizon & your entire day is shot.

L-Theanine Gives You Powerful, Relaxed Focus

L-theanine's an amino acid that creates a state of alert relaxation & reduces physiological stress responses.
It’s been shown to lower blood pressure, heart rate, & stress hormone levels. Say goodbye to stressful caffeine feelings & hello to sustained, calm focus!

Coffee + L-Theanine

THE MAGIC MIX FOR Calm, Focused Flow:

Top Game gives you the best of both worlds. The focus & energy of caffeine PLUS the calm clarity of l-theanine makes you unstoppable.
Function at a higher level, get into a productive flow, get more done to build your dreams.

Perfect For Getting Work Done, Gaming & More

Stay at the top of your game in both work & play! Wow your boss with your best work, take important action in your business, or get to the top of the leaderboard with ease & flow.


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Brew It How YOU Want It!


With pre-ground coffee and pre-mixed L-theanine, your favorite brewing method is in your hands.

Grown In Guatemala, Roasted In San Diego

Our medium dark roast has a balanced flavor with notes of dark chocolate & caramel. These beans are grown on steep cliffs in Guatemala & roasted in San Diego to express their full character.


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